Buffalo Grass

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Buffalo Grass

Description & Benefits

  • widely adaptive to soil
  • Draught resistance, deep roots
  • requires less regular moving, and being indeginous, it is also less susceptible to fungus diseases
  • It is less invasive to flowerbeds, pathways etc, than other lawns
  • When buffalo thickens into healthy lawn, weeds are entangled
  • buffalo is shade tolerant, enjoys dappled sunlight, but will not grow in total shade.
  • if left wild in a shade or sunlight, mowing, feeding and watering can be reduced drastically
  • Requires less watering than other lawn grasses


Buffalo Lawn….

Hard Draught Resistant and Low Maintenance

Evergreen throughout the Year, Shade Areas and Dog Durable Buffalo

Less Watering, No Weeds Shade Areas and Low Maintenance

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