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Synedon Grass for Balling, Places Were Kids Play, Soccer Fields, This Grass Is Shade Over and Full Sunny It Can Grow In All Conditions



this lawn is as soft as a baby’s bottom and has a deep green color. This lawn is ideal for the small manicured areas. Gulf Green is sometimes referred to as “Golf Green” for obvious reasons. Gulf green is indigenous species and also an accepted species for developments insisting on indigenous plants.

This lawn is particularly impressive in the Western Cape during the long wet winter months. Gulf green keeps it soft texture and deep green color during winter. Gulf green lawn however does not respond well to frost. Gulf Green is also an aggressive lawn and has a high traffic tolerance. Maintenance is high in summer and when mowed burns easily however recover quickly.

Gulf Green loves water, to keep this lawn in pristine condition in summer requires a lot of water. Gulf green is susceptible to poison sprays for weeds and the dosage needs to be precise. Agreat choice for the up-market type home, an impressive lawn.

Plant all year round, unless heavy frost is experienced.

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  1. Good morning, I am interested in the gulf green grass. Please explain to me the pricing options?
    We are situated in Limpopo Mokopane, do you deliver and what is the cost?
    Thank you.

    1. Good morning Imogen
      thank you for contacting us, can you please tell us square meters of the area to be instllalled roll on lawn
      kind regards
      Cape gardens landscape
      061 131 8011 call/whatsapp

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